Inside plant
  TSB defines the inside plant to include all equipment from signal acquisition to the connection of the outside plant transmission network.  TSB has been very active in assisting communication companies to not only assess their current needs, but also prepare for future growth. 

We have designed and completed Headend renovations, relocated and installed satellite earth stations, incorporated new technology into existing operations and provided documentation of the FCC mandated compliance certification for inside plant equipment; such as video measurements, frequency accuracy, spurious outputs and RF signal measurements.
TSB has the ability to not only identify and offer corrective measures for the electronics within the inside plant, but also terrestrial interference and other signal infractions. Our preventive maintenance program includes optimizing your earth stations, off-air antennas and microwave gear.  Cable Labs selected TSB as its partner to install their earth station array and all inter-lab electronic wiring when they moved to their new facility in Louisville, Colorado.