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  TSBMW 100 Measuring Wheel  

  The TSBMW100 was designed for and by field engineers to address accuracy, reliability, and ease of use while expediting measurements over other conventional mechanical wheels.






Count hold switch User has the ability to stop the counter while changing locations, i.e; moving over a fence or other obstacle to continue measurement. TSB Measuring Wheel


Count Hold Switch

* Electronic Counter Mechanical malfunctions eliminated!  No moving parts to break or wear out.

Electronic Counter
* Finger tip reset Simply press the reset button by the handle without lifting the wheel or stopping to reset.

Reset Button
* Extended handle length Increase comfort while making measurements either walking or out of a vehicle window.

* Improved wheel bearing Typical bearing failure for an active mapper is 6 months, the model 100 has not had a failure in the past 2 years

Wheel Bering
* Speed Although not recommended for safety reasons the model 100 will accurately measure at speeds exceeding 60 mph.

Shock absorbing construction

Tire construction is air filled rubber versus hard rubber.  Wheel less susceptible to bouncing and erroneous measurements from free spinning at higher speeds.

Please Call 605-426-6140 to Purchase

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