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provides the metrics to measure the scope, the resources needed and the time necessary to bring projects in on time and within budget.  We pay close attention to all phases of a project from discovery to design, construction, acceptance testing, along with implementation and maintenance. Our metrics enables our customers to fully monitor and control all aspects of their growing business.

One of TSB’s Project Management strengths is our ability to manage the entire Supply Chain associated with a Project.  We have the capability to provide purchasing information, equipment procurement, coordinate vendor product deliveries, obtain permits, and plan construction activities to meet your time-line.

TSB understands the importance of maintaining inventory balances between manufactures’ lead-times and actual deployment.  The old ways of creating inventory levels to handle a just-in-case scenario have been replaced with the new disciplines of Supply Chain Management. This grants our clients freedom from the financial burden of excessive unused inventory at any given time.  We pride ourselves in our ability to minimize your capital requirements by taking full advantage of JIT deliveries and/or Vendor Managed Inventory for your construction activity. 

As there is a Supply Chain component for materials, there is also a similar dynamic within the actual construction of a project.  Projects are complicated and require unique crafts.  TSB understands the unnecessary costs associated with having non-core capabilities available, but not used every day.  We source local talent to address the unique one-off requirements associated with a project. TSB acknowledges the importance of hiring local staff and using local companies to keep monies within the community.


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Manufacturers, Municipalities, Cable Television and Independent Operating Carriers, have depended
on TSB for independent consultation, technical seminars, testing, troubleshooting, and financial assessment.

Our technical seminars ranged from extensive technical training to a working knowledge for management and non-technical staff.  TSB has provided independent assessment and recommendations on actual system testing for technical compliance; engineering audits, subscriber audits, and cost analysis for system upgrade and new build activity.



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